EarlyLight Cards

EarlyLight is pleased to bring you two different ways to send your greetings:

Your Own Sentiment:
EarlyLight Postcards
EarlyLight Postcards:   For a card sent from you to be read by that "special someone" only we recommend this variety. The card is created by your selection of picture, music and text - it is stored on the server as an HTML page, and your recipient gets a note to tell them where to pick it up with their own password.

By Request Only:
Cards By Request
Multiple User (bulletin-board style)
:  For those times where you have an occasion in your online community and several of you want to sign the card. This card style is hand-prepared, using your text and suggestions for themes - but since some or all graphics are composed specifically for your card, a four-day (minimum) lead-time is required.

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